Trade Marketing & Supply Solutions, Ltd. is not a conventional advertising or PR agency, trader or brokerage company. All of these services may be provided, if required, by calling on a network of the most appropriate specialist skills to fulfill the specific task in hand.
However, the real strength of TMSS lies in its ability to tackle a diverse range of marketing and supply related projects which many agencies are simply not geared up to cope with. One of the main benefits to clients of this method of operation is access to the very highest level of expertise accredited by the European Union at a realistic cost. Clients are asked to pay a fair fee which reflects the amount of time spent on a project.
TMSS runs an efficient, low overhead business. This means that the clients only pay for what they get - not an army of people they never see, sitting in palatial offices.

The approach of TMSS to a project can be summed up as one of total flexibility. TMSS is not constrained by pre-conceived notions about fixed working practices or the intricacies of company politics. TMSS bring in whatever resources are required to do the job quickly, efficiently and with the minimum amount of fuss and disruption to the client's business.
A client's geographical location is not seen as a constraint. Projects are regularly undertaken all over the world.