Basic and Thorough Marketing Strategies and Plans 
This covers creating marketing strategies. It includes the development, and implementation of long term growth oriented strategies. It also includes the development and implementation of immediate short term results oriented marketing plans. And, it of course includes integrating the internet in a manner consistent with the companies positioning and overall plans.

Manufacturers' Distribution and Representative Networks
This consists of all phases of developing manufacturers' representative networks. These phases include developing contracts and agreements. They deal with the relationship of the network with any crossover networks. It usually even includes selecting, hiring, and training the individual representatives within the networks. And, it includes making networks more productive through upgrading. 

Customer Service Department
This relates to the setting up and developing of a strong customer service department. Setting up a customer service department includes developing practical marketing oriented policies and procedures for that department. It also includes training of the personnel involved to become responsive to customers' needs

New Business Opportunities
This consists of new product introductions and new market entrances. New business opportunities include working with new divisions or new company start-ups. New business opportunities also include the enrichment of existing markets and development of crossover markets.

This entails the overall positioning of the organization. Positioning considers the image of the organization and the organization's products and services. Positioning also deals with key personnel within the organization.

Sales Programs and Promotions 
This includes the conception and development of sales programs. It can also include supervising and carrying out these goal oriented sales programs to be sure they perform properly.

Trade Shows 
This consists of selecting and managing trade show participation.

Advertising Agency Interface 
This involves the unbiased selection of the right advertising agency for the right job. The interface includes active project coordination with the selected agency. It also includes developing and setting in motion complete and cost effective advertising programs.

Sales Tools and Literature 
This includes overseeing the development of marketing communication items. It includes the defining of all sales tools. Also, it includes working and interfacing with the advertising agency or producer. The interface puts emphasis on providing a dimension of outside-in thinking.

Key Account Sales Efforts 
This consists of developing special presentations and programs. It includes the personal sales efforts directed to close or set up new key accounts.

Sales Trouble Shooting 
This entails determining and correcting any short term sales oriented problems. These short term problems could hinder the long term marketing goals of the organization.

Market Research 
Market research includes characterizing your primary market for size, regional concentration, and future growth. Research identifies key competitors financial positions. Also, market research can provide their marketing strategies and product plans.

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